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Maureen Morgan

For Deputy of St Saviour District 2
  Vingtaine de Sous L’Eglise

Welcome to my election information website! I hope you find what you need to know here. If you have any other queries please get in touch - details are in the contact section.

I recently conducted a brief survey to find out which issues cause the greatest worries for islanders. The top concerns were jobs and immigration, closely followed by healthcare and housing. The number one complaint about the States is that too much time is being wasted on issues like government reform, while islander’s real needs are being ignored.

I am unhappy at the ‘us and them’ situation which has developed in the States recently and the increasingly frequent personal attacks by some members are both divisive and a waste of our  time and money. I believe that progress is best made by discussion and co-operation between people who all have the same high ideals of a better and fairer society for all islanders. I am not a single issue politician like some who are standing in these elections, but somebody who can see the bigger picture.

I am not a member of any political party or group. I am standing as a totally independent candidate who will listen to voters and act according to your best interests on all issues. I will never join any party, as I would not want to have that ability compromised.

I am passionate about my island and love my parish. I live in the district, and am the only candidate who does. I have always hoped to one day have the privilege to represent you in the States assembly. At 54 I now feel I have the skills and experience that would make me a valuable member of the States. I am both self-motivated and a good team player.

I hope you will choose me to be one of your two Deputies for this district.
Thank you.


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